5 Steps To Complete Facial Skin Rejuvenation


Think 5 steps to younger looking skin is about 4 too many? Well, think again! Kollagen Intensiv is a single formula cream that accomplishes all 5 steps to complete facial skin rejuvenation to save you both time and money. All you have to do is remember to apply it to your skin. Here’s exactly how it works…

1. Increase Your Own Natural Collagen Production

Collagen is key to keeping your skin youthful. But unfortunately, our production of it decreases as we age. Kollagen Intensiv uses the latest natural collagen renewal technology which encourages your skin to increase natural production. More collagen means fewer visible wrinkles, lines, skin discoloration from age spots and more. Bottom line? You look younger as a result.

2. Boost Natural Moisturization

Natural Moisturizing Factors, also known as NMFs, are important for healthy, youthful looking skin. A number of these factors are included in the Kollagen Intensiv formula making it a highly effective way to lock in moisture and prevent evaporation. Your skin benefits with increased smoothness and hydration for a better appearance.

3. Reduce The Effects Of Sun Damage

By now most of us know that overexposure to the sun can damage the skin. UV radiation causes photo aging and that can lead to looking older than you really are. Fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, roughness and more are just a few of the aging signs attributable to photo aging. Kollagen Intensive works to prevent sun damage as well as to rejuvenate and repair existing damage.

4. Protect The Skin From Glycation

Glycation results in dryness and cracking. A common example of this is the traditional garden hose. When rubber is left out in the sun it becomes stiff, causing it to crack and break easily. When it comes to your skin, Kollagen Intensiv goes to work to fight glycation so that your skin retains elasticity, firmness and tone. It accomplishes this by using specific ingredients known to prevent the cross-linking of proteins and production of interleukins.

5. Reduce Dark Circles, Puffiness and Crow’s Feet

The delicate area around the eyes deserves special attention. In fact, it’s often where the first signs of aging appear. A combination of dark under eye circles, crow’s feet, puffiness and sagging can make you look several years older.

Most women assume they need a specialized cream in addition to a face cream to deal with these under eye issues. Unfortunately, quality eye creams are not cheap. Kollagen Intensiv is special because it is a complete anti aging skin care solution, perfect for the delicate eye area as well as the entire face. It allows you to take years off your eyes and face with one quality product. You save your valuable time and money since you only need a single product.

Although Kollagen Intensiv uses cutting-edge science to formulate its anti aging cream, it’s surprisingly affordable. To learn how it can help you look years younger, click here now.

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  1. Elysse says:

    Thanks so much for this information. My skin is suffering from the normal aging signs and I’m researching all my options. There’s a LOT to take in!

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