The Basics Of Natural Collagen Production


If you’re concerned about the state of your skin, you aren’t alone. Many people have the same worries, especially since people are living longer than ever before. As you may know, natural collagen production slows with age, which has a great impact on a person’s appearance. What you may not know, though, is what collagen is and what it does.

Collagen Beauty And Health Basics

Basically, collagen is a certain form of protein. It holds body tissues, such as skin, together. There’s some of it practically everywhere in the human body, including teeth, tendons, muscles and cartilage. There are, in fact, over 25 types of collagen in humans and together they make up about a quarter of our bodies.

One way to look at collagen is as if it were super glue. It binds the body together. It also lends support to organs and, in general, keeps the body running properly.

Firming And Strengthening

Elastin and collagen go hand-in-hand. They serve to firm and strengthen the body. Elastin helps to make cells flexible, while collagen helps to give them substance and firmness.

Collagen Skin Care Considerations

Although collagen is nearly everywhere in the body, for the purposes of an anti aging discussion, the focus is, of course, on the skin. You’ve probably heard that collagen prevents wrinkles in the skin, for example. You may have also heard that production of collagen slows down after age 25.

Well, that’s all absolutely true. A lot of the skin problems that older people have could be controlled or prevented if their collagen and elastin production was still like it was when they were teens. Some people try to make up for that by taking collagen supplements of some kind or by getting collagen injections.

The Collagen Beauty Problem

The problem with such solutions is that many collagen injections and supplements are using collagen from cows or other animals. The human body doesn’t tend to process bovine or other collagen types in the same way that it does human collagen.

The Collagen Skin Care Solution

That’s why many companies have come up with a solution. There are now products on the market that stimulate human collagen production. In other words, you can get your own body to start making its own collagen at a more steady pace again.

The great thing about that is that it’s simply helping the natural process along. It doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals or other problematic materials. It’s a completely natural, organic way to stimulate your body’s cells.

So, if you want to have younger looking skin, but don’t want all of the hassles that come with surgery or medications, you should try stimulating your natural collagen production. That way, you won’t have to worry about chemical exposure, recovery from surgeries or major expenses.

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