Kollagen Intensiv Results After 1 Week Of Use


As described in my last update, I decided to do a test to see if Kollagen Intensiv works or not. So far, I’ve been using the collagen renewal cream for about a week. According to the Official Kollagen Intensiv Website, it does take time to work because it actually increases your own natural collagen production. Clinical test results are based on 84 days of usage so I really wasn’t expecting much for myself with just a few days of use.

Here’s what I’ve done… each morning before makeup and each night before bed I apply the cream using a circular motion. I apply it all over my face including around the eyes. I also put it on my neck area. I don’t have neck wrinkles yet and want to keep it that way.

By the way, I am following the instructions provided. Twice per day applications consistently is what’s instructed and I think if you want to really get the results described you should follow the directions exactly.

So, what do I have to show for my efforts? Although it’s only been a week, I am seeing some benefits. My skin is very soft but not at all greasy. I’ve really been focusing on the fine lines around my eyes and they have definitely improved. The crow’s feet footprints are getting a bit less noticeable – I still have them but they are more subtle.

For me, Kollagen Intensiv cream is adding just about the right amount of moisture. I have combination skin and sometimes heavy creams can be too much, especially for my forehead. Luckily, this cream is not making that area oily at all and is also working on the big forehead wrinkle I’ve had since my early 20s. If it ever goes away it will be a complete miracle – we’ll see.

Extremely dry skin types may find they need to add a bit of moisture – I’m not sure because my skin is not dry. One thing I’ve noticed is that my skin is softer and more hydrated at the end of the week compared with the first couple of days I used it, so there may be something to be said for extended use and continued improvements.

Bottom line? Based on my first week’s results, I’m encouraged and will keep using Kollagen Intensiv to see if the results continue to improve over time. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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kollagen 250x250 3 Kollagen Intensiv Results After 1 Week Of Use

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