How To Boost Your Skin’s Natural Collagen Production

Natural Ways To Increase Collagen Production

You probably already know how important collagen is for younger looking skin. Natural collagen and elastin along with keratin are the components that hold everything firmly in place and keep your face free from wrinkles. And when everything is working properly, the human body produces plenty of this skin enhancing ingredient completely on autopilot. So why do so many people want to know how to stimulate collagen production?

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Unfortunately, all good things generally come to an end. In the case of your body’s natural collagen producing abilities, production slows down normally with age due to a number of factors. These first signs of aging commonly begin to show themselves in the late twenties. While it’s impossible to reverse each and every sign of aging and avoid the process altogether, it is possible to make some real changes in your appearance and increase your collagen production naturally.

A word of caution: You might be thinking to yourself that you’ll just start using a collagen cream and everything will turn out fine. If only it were that easy…

Rather than treating reduced collagen levels topically with a cream containing the component, it’s much more effective to start at the source – inside your body. The real way to make lasting changes to your skin is to increase the natural collagen production within your own body rather than just adding some to the surface of your skin and hoping it will sink in and work some magic. Most experts agree that it won’t.

How To Boost Collagen Production?
Natural Ways To Boost Collagen From The Inside

One of the best ways to deal with just about any beauty or health concern is by adjusting your diet. Nutrition plays a huge role in how you look, how you feel and ultimately, how well you age. Eating a well-balanced diet high in fruits, veggies, lean protein and healthy fats is a good place to start. To protect collagen and enhance its production, be sure to include plenty of essential fatty acids from fish (such as salmon) or flax seeds. Tomatoes and garlic are also considered helpful when it comes to protecting collagen reserves.

Another important collagen booster is vitamin C which can be found in a wide variety of foods and supplements. Vitamin C is also found in many skin care products and potent serums are also available for topical application. It’s ideal to eat plenty of vitamin-rich foods and supplement as needed or for a bit of “insurance” against deficiency. It doesn’t hurt to use a skin treatment containing vitamin C, but it should never be used as a replacement for good nutrition.

The Best Creams To Boost Collagen

Finally, using a quality skin product that promotes collagen renewal can make a big difference to your skin’s condition. When the right ingredients are combined together and applied to the skin on a regular basis, they can help naturally stimulate collagen production within a couple of months. Now I know you might be looking for quicker results, but when you do it the right way it does take a bit of time. After all, your body has to actually make the collagen so you have to be patient with it. And if you are consistent with your treatment, results will happen for you.

Kollagen Intensiv is the best product I know of to do exactly this. It’s powerful lineup of ingredients go to work right away. When used twice daily, you can expect results in as little as 30 days. Tests were performed and revealed that it may take up to 80 days to experience the full results of this product. But once you’ve increase your body’s own collagen production, you’ll notice rejuvenated skin with fewer wrinkles and fine lines, naturally. Click here to learn more about Kollagen Intensiv.

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